Saturday, 8 February 2014

Snow whites ....

Hi babies:)
Here I am. Here, with new photos, with a new outfit.
Those photos were taken last week, just before a week full of snow and lack of civilization. We were without electricity as many other households for more than two days. So I'd really like to share with you some warm minds and feelings from that times. What I remember the most, were probably long conversations with my mother. The other members of our family weren't at home, so that's why I am only mentioning her. (I've already told my brother and dad what a good moments they had missed.) Mum said: ˝Well, now you know what life without electricity means. You know, you were asking yourself that questions - in your blog.˝ And I found (FOUND) out. Just to mention and make those words sounds better - 50 hours without electricity really had a good influence on me. After some time, when you stop missing all appliances, all social networks and all electricity that is usually around you and you use it as well, you don't even miss it anymore. You stop arguing with family, you connect with the other souls, with your relatives and neighbors. You start being one big 'family' which helps each other. You offer someone a shower (you couldn't even had a warm shower) and the other one has aggregate, someone needs some candles, etc. ... I really have to say it was a great experience.:D

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All photos are taken by Urška Pečevnik.

Some words about what I'm wearing.:)) On top I have Zara T-shirt. On my legs I am wearing leather trousers from Promod. The main piece is green parka from Bershka with this lovely fur inside.On my ears I wear green earrings from six.  They looks excellent with ring (also from Six). Shoes are from Bata and on my lips I have my favourite Guerlain matte red lipstick. It is really awesome. One day I will show you the package!:3
P.S.: Last time I forgot to mention - I was wearing blue Topshop dress.
Enjoy beauties,
K. <3