Friday, 31 January 2014

Blue army

Hi guys:D
I hope you have had a beautiful week and that you're expecting even better weekend. At least better than me. But there is also a highlight in this day, something nice is coming up.

Firstly I would like to speak out about my OOTD. This is one of my favourite outfits. I really love this dress, because it is chick and girly. At the same time it is also comfortable and even warm. In this dress I discovered so many 'feelings' that it is hard to describe. With 'feelings' I mean how I feel wearing it and how people look at it. As you see I’m a big fan of dresses, soooo ... I think you can expect more dresses coming up.;) I added sequin-collar. I think it adds more life to the dress. On my feet I have Dr. Martens shoes. About them I’ve written before. 

All photos are taken by Urška Pečevnik.

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The last photo was taken in bookshop. In my opinion most of people doesn't read enough. If you read books, I really respect you. I mean, with reading you build your intelligence. You're discovering new worlds, your imagination works, brainstorms appear. Probably the most useful benefit that come with reading books in high school is that you can write good essays. Even it might sounds nerdy, we'll need it when we will write job application or if we become journalists. So, we should promote books, read an respect them, enjoy reading and love them. I used to read books, but than I unfortunately quit. I'm trying to start again. But when you become lazy ... There is hard to come back. So, if you have read any good books, you should let people know and encourage them to start reading.
 xoxo, K.


  1. Zelo lepe slike. Lokacija je super.
    Si videla, da se na prvi sliki skladaš z hišno številko po barvi obleke, črne najlonke in čevlji pa s črnimi vrati. (:

    1. Hvala:D
      Ja za hišno številko in oblekico sm videla, čevlje sm pa zgrešila:P