Friday, 3 January 2014

A little optical illusion

Hi there:) It's me. Finally. Now I finally have time. Before that I was a bit ill and I didn't have time.
Firstly I have to wish you a happy New Year. I hope your holidays were nice :) Before holidays I was in Budapest and I had a really great time. Than I had one day of school and vacations began. I was at home, in Trieste, Ljubljana and I visited my grandparents. There were also my two cousins, ohhh they are so cute! They are really talkative, they totally brightened my day :) Also this friday wasn't tough, even though I have struggled for stomachache for two days now. It's time of illnesses.That's the reason I won't be long today, I don't feel really good. I took a nap, it helped a bit.
Now, I'd move on some fashion. Today I'm wearing Friday's OOTD. A comfy shirt with optic illusion.

 The main piece of this outfit is definitely Zara's shirt. It has some prints that can be 'triangles' or 'dices'. I like it because anyone can see it differently. /the quallity of photos isn't very good, so that is the reason they are in different sizes/

I styled it with Stradivarious green jeans and new Bata shoes. I bought those shoes in Italy and i really love them. They are pretty comfortable, even though heels are very high. They are in two different shades of brown, made out of leather.
Thank you for reading, love you
xx, K.

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