Saturday, 8 February 2014

Snow whites ....

Hi babies:)
Here I am. Here, with new photos, with a new outfit.
Those photos were taken last week, just before a week full of snow and lack of civilization. We were without electricity as many other households for more than two days. So I'd really like to share with you some warm minds and feelings from that times. What I remember the most, were probably long conversations with my mother. The other members of our family weren't at home, so that's why I am only mentioning her. (I've already told my brother and dad what a good moments they had missed.) Mum said: ˝Well, now you know what life without electricity means. You know, you were asking yourself that questions - in your blog.˝ And I found (FOUND) out. Just to mention and make those words sounds better - 50 hours without electricity really had a good influence on me. After some time, when you stop missing all appliances, all social networks and all electricity that is usually around you and you use it as well, you don't even miss it anymore. You stop arguing with family, you connect with the other souls, with your relatives and neighbors. You start being one big 'family' which helps each other. You offer someone a shower (you couldn't even had a warm shower) and the other one has aggregate, someone needs some candles, etc. ... I really have to say it was a great experience.:D

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All photos are taken by Urška Pečevnik.

Some words about what I'm wearing.:)) On top I have Zara T-shirt. On my legs I am wearing leather trousers from Promod. The main piece is green parka from Bershka with this lovely fur inside.On my ears I wear green earrings from six.  They looks excellent with ring (also from Six). Shoes are from Bata and on my lips I have my favourite Guerlain matte red lipstick. It is really awesome. One day I will show you the package!:3
P.S.: Last time I forgot to mention - I was wearing blue Topshop dress.
Enjoy beauties,
K. <3

Friday, 31 January 2014

Blue army

Hi guys:D
I hope you have had a beautiful week and that you're expecting even better weekend. At least better than me. But there is also a highlight in this day, something nice is coming up.

Firstly I would like to speak out about my OOTD. This is one of my favourite outfits. I really love this dress, because it is chick and girly. At the same time it is also comfortable and even warm. In this dress I discovered so many 'feelings' that it is hard to describe. With 'feelings' I mean how I feel wearing it and how people look at it. As you see I’m a big fan of dresses, soooo ... I think you can expect more dresses coming up.;) I added sequin-collar. I think it adds more life to the dress. On my feet I have Dr. Martens shoes. About them I’ve written before. 

All photos are taken by Urška Pečevnik.

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The last photo was taken in bookshop. In my opinion most of people doesn't read enough. If you read books, I really respect you. I mean, with reading you build your intelligence. You're discovering new worlds, your imagination works, brainstorms appear. Probably the most useful benefit that come with reading books in high school is that you can write good essays. Even it might sounds nerdy, we'll need it when we will write job application or if we become journalists. So, we should promote books, read an respect them, enjoy reading and love them. I used to read books, but than I unfortunately quit. I'm trying to start again. But when you become lazy ... There is hard to come back. So, if you have read any good books, you should let people know and encourage them to start reading.
 xoxo, K.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Stop counting

Hi guysssss:)) How are you? I wanted to do my post yesterday, but I couldn't because we didn't have electricity all the time. So I wrote something, it turned off. I wrote once more, again. Even the third time. I gave up. So, I was pretty angry. Isn't it ridiculous how our civilization is based on electricity? I wish that we could try some past feelings, some past life. Didn't our life moved from day life to night life? Thanks to electricity. I mean, we spend most of day life in school, than we come home and basically we do everything at night. If you want to be successful, you have to be really disciplined to work during the day or you have to work at night. So from time to time you have to take some relaxation and darling, do things that you love! If you like drawing, draw! If you like sport, than do it! However, in my opinion you have to take everything in moderation, don't exaggerate. There is just one thing (you definitely can not exaggerate). If you think that you are on top of something, keep doing it because you can succeed! So something from my side.

Now, move on fashion:))

All pictures were taken by Matic Maček.

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So now I'd like to speak out about my clothes:) I wear Zara dress. I know that it might look like skirt and shirt, but believe me, it's a dress. Tights are from Calzedonia and shoes are from Bata. I love them because they are black and they have really nice shinny toe.
So that is all from me for today, I hope you like it,

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Just because we have energy, thats all

Hi beauties:D How are you? I wanted to write a blog yesterday, but I wasn't at home. Basically, I will be posting on blog at Fridays.
So what am I wearing? On top I have embossed 'red' pullover from the last shopping. I added some leather black shorts and black tights. Now, a few words about Bata shoes. I'm wearing it again because I'm constantly falling in love with them. On the fifth photo you can see OPI nail polish in blue. It is probably one of my favourite shades ever and I finally bought it! I wanted that shade for about a year ...
And as you see I have a new photographer and he is really awesome!
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Now I'm sitting at the desk, drinking my green tea and thinking about my week. If I sum up it was unexpectedly trudge. But on a good way. I was more or less doing things that I like. I have positive all marking periods so I didn't have to correct any grades. I was just making some plans for next half year and studying a bit, when I was at home. On Tuesday I went to MGL and it was awesome. I barely get tears in my eyes when I watch movies. But in theatre there is indescribable energy! That is probably one of the reasons I like it so much. I just feel so connected to actors, I feel like I'm part of the play. Some actors really emit special energy. We were watching Otthelo. It's Shakespeare's tragedy. For me it was a play about human stupidity and trust. It was a great example of how you cant hardly trust anyone. Unfortunately not everybody died in the end, as I expected. That was probably the shining star in my week.
Bye bye, share energy,

Monday, 6 January 2014

INGRID primer za senčila BASE SHADOW review

Hi there:D How are you? Today I'm writing a review on INGRID primer for eye shadows BASE SHADOW. I usually write my blog in English, but today I will be writing in Slovene because this review is made more for Slovene market.:)
Pozdravljen/-a.:) Danes bom delala review primerja INGRID primer za senčila BASE SHADOW, ki sem ga dobila v review iz spletne trgovine

Pa najprej na kratko kaj nam primer obljublja:: Podlaga za senčila BASE SHADOW je zahvaljujoč lahki kremasti strukturi enostavna za nanos. Olivno olje kožo vlaži, vitamin E pa pomaga proti staranju kože. Po nanosu podlage za senčila bodo barve senčil bolj žive. Podlaga preprečuje nastanek grudic in daljšo obstojnost senčila na vekah. Primer je shranjen v posodici s 6,5g izdelka. 

Ko sem nosila senčke brez primerja sem jih zjutraj nanesla, okrog treh popoldne pa jih je komaj še kaj ostalo (poskusila sem tudi z dražjimi, a rezultat ni bil bistveno drugačen). Zato sem se odločila, da končno poskusim primer. Rezultat me je neverjetno presenetil.

Zjutraj sem nanesla primer, po vrhu pa še senčke. Dvomila sem. Toda senčke so se obdržale skozi cel dan. Niso šle ne v gube in se niso niti stopile. Tudi odtenki so, kot nam predstavijo, mnogo bolj živi, zaradi svetlejše podlage in boljšega prijema senčk. Še do večera so ostale na mojih vekah. Na očeh deluje lahkotno, kot da ga ne bi imeli. Edino prvi nanos mi je delal malo težav, ker se primer ne prime prsta takoj in ga zato težje dobimo iz posodice. Moramo pa ga popolnoma razmazati, do skoraj nevidnosti, ker se ob drugačnem ravnanju začne svaljkati.

Toda ti dve napaki ne prevladata. Primer je na listi mojih najljubših izdelkov - zaradi kakovosti in pa nizke cene (3.52€). Priporočam!:D

Friday, 3 January 2014

A little optical illusion

Hi there:) It's me. Finally. Now I finally have time. Before that I was a bit ill and I didn't have time.
Firstly I have to wish you a happy New Year. I hope your holidays were nice :) Before holidays I was in Budapest and I had a really great time. Than I had one day of school and vacations began. I was at home, in Trieste, Ljubljana and I visited my grandparents. There were also my two cousins, ohhh they are so cute! They are really talkative, they totally brightened my day :) Also this friday wasn't tough, even though I have struggled for stomachache for two days now. It's time of illnesses.That's the reason I won't be long today, I don't feel really good. I took a nap, it helped a bit.
Now, I'd move on some fashion. Today I'm wearing Friday's OOTD. A comfy shirt with optic illusion.

 The main piece of this outfit is definitely Zara's shirt. It has some prints that can be 'triangles' or 'dices'. I like it because anyone can see it differently. /the quallity of photos isn't very good, so that is the reason they are in different sizes/

I styled it with Stradivarious green jeans and new Bata shoes. I bought those shoes in Italy and i really love them. They are pretty comfortable, even though heels are very high. They are in two different shades of brown, made out of leather.
Thank you for reading, love you
xx, K.