Friday, 6 December 2013

Cold-hearted ones

Salut. I was just watching some movie and they said salut. Russian word. Slavic nation. As I am.
I'm here with today's OOTD. I was wearing this at school. I wasn't cold in it even though some people asked me.

In this outfit I'm wearing H&M faux fur coat. It is really fluffy and warm and nice nice nice. Leopard print rules;) 

I styled it with Promod blouse. It's all in light pink with sequined 'collar'. Than I'm wearing H&M short black skirt with zip fastener on the front side. Of course I have nylon thighs. They are Calzedonia's.

This day was day spent in school. And it was tough. The whole week was though. Maybe a year? I hate the days when I just exist. Without any life. And than you ask yourself what you are doing? What good have you done in your life? You simply cannot answer. With everyday we do something, but  barely it's visible. Something that counts. Ok, Nelson Mandela is here. Damn, every-time I'm writing a blog someone dies. He succeed in his idea. He'll be never forgotten. What about our lives? When we die, they will forgot about us. Iin next centuries no one might know us even though we were trying hard to build our life. Maybe the fact that we thought inside the box. I'm having usual thoughts, meaning of life. Oh, I'm so full of questions.
I will go on with something happier. Today is St. Nicholas day. It is well known that good kids get presents;) I hope you got something nice. Something that you were happy about:D
Enjoy, xx