Sunday, 1 December 2013

Cause you're gonna hear me ROAAAAARRR

Helooo:) Today is Sunday, 1th December. I couldn't stop myself from writing on such UNnormal day. Just to mention, the first part of writing will be more on a personal level:) The second is about fashion;)

It's 1st December. People are so rapturous by December. We are getting crazy. We are expecting something. A new year, a new begging, some vacations, new life, new vows that might happen or they might just turn into dust. However, when the magic December ends, we'll have the same life again. I think that from time to time we need some relaxation, some magic feelings, some fairytale, something mystic. Isn't all December mystic? We are hoping, wishing, building castles in the clouds, hugging each others, we are full of love. Nevertheless, I wish you perfect December and all good.
The second thing that was going on in my head was "Why we exist and what will happen with us?". I mean I'm constantly looking for myself. I don't even know what I want. What I want in this moment?! (Not just what I want in the future.) Life is too short. We have to make decisions all the time. Are we facing the right ones? How do we know? We are skipping the opportunities, good moments and we don't use up time as we should. Like those thoughts weren't enough, Paul Walker died. I mean, it just perfectly match with my minds. His life ended too quickly. He was to young to die. The man said: "When I die, I want it to involve speed and a car", "If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling". Well 'happy' ending? Why are we afraid of death? I believe that after we die our life doesn't end. I'm more afraid of others death than of my own. You won't miss yourself. You'll miss the people around you. But I believe that sooner or latter you'll meet them again. Useless comfort, I know. 

Now I would write about fashion. I wear oversized Pullover with tiger print. I love it because it's really comfy and printed. 

I styled it with some DIY shorts. They were originally long, but I cut them of and add some lace on the back. My nails are pink, essence nail polish. I'm also wearing Dr Martens.

Well, there is something more that I would like to add:D I got the information that a guy from England chose my last photos for school project and I was REALLY delighted!:D Thanks Michael:) I decided to publish them because I was so grateful and proud at the same time:P

This on is absolutely my favourite, I'm in love with green tea.

Have a beautiful Sunday,