Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Lipstick INGRID WONER SHINE review

V review sem dobila šminko INGRID WONDER SHINE 302 od Bodizenska.si. 

In review I got lipstick INGRID WONDER SHINE 302 from Bodizenska.si

Pa najprej na kratko kaj nam šminka obljublja: Šminka WONDER SHINE vsebuje dolgo obstojne pigmente in negovalne sestavine, ki naredijo ustnice mehke in napete. Zahvaljujoč lahki in svilnati teksturi je šminka enostavna za nanos in je na ustnicah sploh ne občutite, vaše ustnice pa bodo izgledale super zapeljive. 

Firstly, let me introduce what lipstick offers: Lipstick WONDER SHINE consist long-lasting pigments and nourishing ingredients, which make lips soft. Thankful to light and silky texture, lipstick is easy to apply. You don't even feel it on your lips, they look super seductively.

Šminka pride v stiku in v 4,5g embalaži. Odpremo pokrovček, zavrtimo in ustvarjanje se začne.
Šminka ima zelo gosto strukturo in naše ustnice vlaži. Ko jo namažemo po ustnicah nam da občutek vlaženja, a v bolj gosti, ne le oljnati obliki. Tudi prekrivnost je dobra. Pigment je močan, kar nam omogoča boljšo prekrivnost v manj nanosih. 
Na ustnicah ostane kar nekaj časa, nato pa sledi ponoven nanos.

Lipstick comes in stick in 4,5g package. Open the covering, spin it and let the party begin!

Lipstick has thick texture and nourish your lips. When we apply it on lips it gives us feeling of nourishing, but in more thick, not oily texture. Covering is nice. Pigments are strong and gives us better covering. Lipstick stays on our lips for a while.

Nad šminko sem bila pozitivno presenečenaa, saj dobimo zelo veliko za le 2,99€. Le pri odtenku sem se zmotila, a z malo mešanja bo lep rezultat.
I was really surprised about lipstick, yet we get a lot for only 2,99€. I just chose the wrong shade. However, with mixing it will look good.
Xo, K.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Cold-hearted ones

Salut. I was just watching some movie and they said salut. Russian word. Slavic nation. As I am.
I'm here with today's OOTD. I was wearing this at school. I wasn't cold in it even though some people asked me.

In this outfit I'm wearing H&M faux fur coat. It is really fluffy and warm and nice nice nice. Leopard print rules;) 

I styled it with Promod blouse. It's all in light pink with sequined 'collar'. Than I'm wearing H&M short black skirt with zip fastener on the front side. Of course I have nylon thighs. They are Calzedonia's.

This day was day spent in school. And it was tough. The whole week was though. Maybe a year? I hate the days when I just exist. Without any life. And than you ask yourself what you are doing? What good have you done in your life? You simply cannot answer. With everyday we do something, but  barely it's visible. Something that counts. Ok, Nelson Mandela is here. Damn, every-time I'm writing a blog someone dies. He succeed in his idea. He'll be never forgotten. What about our lives? When we die, they will forgot about us. Iin next centuries no one might know us even though we were trying hard to build our life. Maybe the fact that we thought inside the box. I'm having usual thoughts, meaning of life. Oh, I'm so full of questions.
I will go on with something happier. Today is St. Nicholas day. It is well known that good kids get presents;) I hope you got something nice. Something that you were happy about:D
Enjoy, xx

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Cause you're gonna hear me ROAAAAARRR

Helooo:) Today is Sunday, 1th December. I couldn't stop myself from writing on such UNnormal day. Just to mention, the first part of writing will be more on a personal level:) The second is about fashion;)

It's 1st December. People are so rapturous by December. We are getting crazy. We are expecting something. A new year, a new begging, some vacations, new life, new vows that might happen or they might just turn into dust. However, when the magic December ends, we'll have the same life again. I think that from time to time we need some relaxation, some magic feelings, some fairytale, something mystic. Isn't all December mystic? We are hoping, wishing, building castles in the clouds, hugging each others, we are full of love. Nevertheless, I wish you perfect December and all good.
The second thing that was going on in my head was "Why we exist and what will happen with us?". I mean I'm constantly looking for myself. I don't even know what I want. What I want in this moment?! (Not just what I want in the future.) Life is too short. We have to make decisions all the time. Are we facing the right ones? How do we know? We are skipping the opportunities, good moments and we don't use up time as we should. Like those thoughts weren't enough, Paul Walker died. I mean, it just perfectly match with my minds. His life ended too quickly. He was to young to die. The man said: "When I die, I want it to involve speed and a car", "If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling". Well 'happy' ending? Why are we afraid of death? I believe that after we die our life doesn't end. I'm more afraid of others death than of my own. You won't miss yourself. You'll miss the people around you. But I believe that sooner or latter you'll meet them again. Useless comfort, I know. 

Now I would write about fashion. I wear oversized Pullover with tiger print. I love it because it's really comfy and printed. 

I styled it with some DIY shorts. They were originally long, but I cut them of and add some lace on the back. My nails are pink, essence nail polish. I'm also wearing Dr Martens.

Well, there is something more that I would like to add:D I got the information that a guy from England chose my last photos for school project and I was REALLY delighted!:D Thanks Michael:) I decided to publish them because I was so grateful and proud at the same time:P

This on is absolutely my favourite, I'm in love with green tea.

Have a beautiful Sunday,

Friday, 29 November 2013

Tea time with my ladies, roses

A biiiig hello to you! :D I just came home and I have to say that my day turned from not so good to excellent day:D Today I had two tests and after school I had photo shooting. Then I came home, eat my lunch and then went back to school to theater course. God, I love it. There's always A LOT of laugh.
Now I have to tell you why I call my post "Tee time with my ladies, roses". Once ago I was thinking about what to wear for the next outfit. I was sitting on the couch, listening to some music and looking all around. I saw the cupboard. I got idea. I wanted to do something with roses and beautiful cups. Well, I did it:)

Then I was thinking how to combine it ... I was checking some blogs and saw maxi skirts. I knew it's the thing I was looking for. The skirt is from Zara. I added some brown Cowboy boots.

I like wearing it because its really comfortable and sooo noticeable;)

I styled it with Bershka blouse. It is actually a see-through blouse with cut-out in the back.

With this photo I'd like to end up with the post because it was one of the last photos we made. The last thing I want to say is: "Be happy because beautiful December is almost here!:D"
Love, xx

Friday, 22 November 2013

Railway souls

Hello, it's finally Friday! We all love Fridays, but why? Some like it because they go out, some like it because of the weekend, and some like it because they can sleeeeep. Well, this week I picked up the last and and part of the second option. Tomorrow I'm having some event and I don't have a lot of work for school. I will probably read something or make some DIY (if it looks good, I'll post it on my blog :D)

That's the look! Well pictures wasn't taken today, it happened few days ago, but I didn't have time to write:/

I'm wearing a pair of jeans (Pull&Bear), a T-shirt (H&M),  my favorite chain necklace (H&M) and Docs. I haven't wear jeans for a really long time, but last Saturday I was cleaning my wardrobe and I was trying on some new combinations, some recycled combinations and I found out that I like it. Jeans were long but then I just rolled them up cause I wanted make them more hipster (which article should I use?:O more vintage, more ???) 

Like I mentioned, I'm wearing gold chain necklace and I totally love it! It's bigger than normal chain necklaces. I think I'm lucky because I saw it and than just bought it without waiting ;)

I'm also wearing London T-shirt. I like it because it's black and baggy. It is nearly a dress, but I rolled it up.Why am I falling in love with baggy clothes? I hope I will get the answer soon.

All photos were taken by my classmate Benjamin and I think he made a good job :D Keep fingers crossed for DIY ;))

Monday, 18 November 2013

Skirt and shirt went side by side

Hi beautiful people:D It's Zala talking. I'm so happy about the fact that I finally had a photo shooting. Unfortunately today is one of the days that I really have to study, so I will be very quick:)

 Now, move on fashion. For today's outfit I chose something more roughly. Firstly. Please listen the story about my skirt? It goes like this ... last year I was constantly looking for a simple skirt. For black or grey skirt. For skirt that would fit on me appropriately. This thing was going on for few months. It was probably worth of time. I found it and I'm succeed with it. Than I'm wearing some T-shirt (H&M) and some really old shirt. It's probably not even second hand ... Third, forth? Necklaces are from Zara. About the shoes: my favourite pair of shoes (if we don't think about other Docs ...). Why? They are dr Martens And that is the reason. It is just my favourite brand of shoes. In next outfit with Martens I could write a bit more about it ...

 Now ... I'd be really keen on writing something more, but I have to go, because I have a looooot work to do. Xoxo

Friday, 15 November 2013

Oh yeah, those are flowers

It’s me and my first post:) I was super excited for it and I was thinking a lot. What to wear and write. So I found a good connection. Every time you do something for the first time, it’s quite formal. So here I’m, making something more classy than I usually do. I’m wearing my favourite H&M dress. I simply love it. It’s a little baggy, it fits me just right and pattern has violet-yellow-black flowers (well, flowers aren’t my favourite pattern, but those flowers are one that I really like). I’m also wearing a new red coat (New Yorker). Last time I didn’t have plan to buy anything, but then they had some discounts ... well, it's just happened. I styled it with S.Oliver high heeled boots. They are very comfortable, so I recommend buying S.Oliver shoes.
I was taking photos with my friend and classmate Benjamin. He was supporting me like I was the queen. However, we had a great time and I’m wondering who is more excited for the next photo shooting ...

Just saying HELOOOOOO :D

Hi there and welcome :D Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself; I’m Zala, 16 years old. I’m coming from Slovenia. That’s country in Middle Europe (it’s beautiful, you should visit it once ;)). Sooooooo, here we are. I’m writing first post for blog. I’ve made this decision because I was admiring a Slovenian fashion blogger for a really long time. Since I saw it I’ve fallen in love. After a year of just checking blogs I finally did it. My second thoughts were what to write ... I didn’t want to talk just and only about clothes or trends (everyone can buy a magazine and see what is trendy). I want to give my blog a soul, something from me. So, I made a decision. I’ll be having fashion blog, but from time to time I’ll post some of my opinions, thoughts, what I’m doing. I’ll be also veeery happy if you tell me how you like it or dislike it or whatever:D And for conclusion, I wish you to enjoy reading it and have a nice time:D See you soon:D